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Brexit Update

ב 23 ליוני בחרו המצביעים הבריטים לעזוב את האיחוד האירופי בו היתה המדינה חברה מאז 1973 בפועל, בריטניה תשאר בעתיד הקרוב באיחוד ותנצל את הזמן לתכנון פרטי ומהלכי היציאה. לכן, אנו א צופים איזשהו שינוי משמעותי בחקיקה במהלך החודשים הקרובים … Read more

David Alizade joined Asserson Law offices as a Partner

David Alizade has recently joined Asserson Law Offices as a partner. He is a corporate and commercial lawyer with 20 years of experience in the UK and New Zealand, both in private practice and in-house. David has a masters degree in … Read more

Baruch Baigel Shortlisted for Rising Star of the Year 2015

Rising Star of the Year 2015: Modern Law Awards: Highly Commended Congratulations to Baruch Baigel on his being highly commended in the 2015 Modern Law Awards. Baruch, a star on the rise, is Asserson’s Head of Arbitration and Israel’s only fellow of … Read more

Oliver Harris interviewed for the Jerusalem Post

New UK law raises BDS threat to new level as EU labels settlement products Oliver Harris interviewed for the Jerusalem Post A new law requires greater disclosure of who owns companies by demanding that companies disclose who are the controlling … Read more

Article by Trevor Asserson – The Jerusalem Post

It is fitting that France, the center of the fashion industry, should be the center of a kippa controversy. Halacha famously requires that a Jew must sacrifice his life even over how his shoelaces are tied – if he’s told … Read more